A State of the Art Thatch Roof in Chintsa, Eastern Cape

A state of the art thatched roof in Chintsa, Eastern Cape, was recently completed by Cintsa Thatching. The big roof was re-thatched in whole using the most up-to-date thatching techniques and highest quality materials available.

These include:
  • The highest quality Hyparrhenia Hirta (the most suitable thatch type for the coastal area where the roof is situated.
  • Roof is thatched to a minimum thickness of 200mm extending the opportunity for maintenance and brushing over time, in turn extending lifespan of the roof.
  • Thatch is compacted and tensioned to 75kg per square metre reducing risk of fire and weather damage.
  • A fire blanket which will protect from fire and also prevent dust problems as the thatch ages.
  • All thatch is stitched with galvanized wire following the fire safety specifications of fire blankets.
  • Hex-net is attached to all gable ends and just below capping level on the roof to protect the new thatch from monkey and bird damage.
  • The capping is covered with membrane and four layers of waterproofing sealant to prevent leaking as cracking occurs in the cement over time.


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