Luxury Thatched Lapa Design

Large, luxury thatched lapa at a private home in Chintsa

Our thatching team recently completed thatching the roof of a luxury thatched lapa located in our home town of Cintsa. The lapa is a stunning example of a large entertainment area; plus it's ocean facing position and the ability to open up to provide easy access to the garden, we thought it was a prime example to share on our blog!

The floor area of the lapa is around 60 square meters which provides space for both dining, braai-ing and a comfortable lounge area. The lapa is a basic rectangular shape with brick walls built in on all four sides; it's kept bright and light with lots of large windows and the installation of stack-away doors along the entire front side of the lapa - facing the sea. The design is perfect for providing semi outdoor space which can provide shelter in poor weather or shade in the heat of the Summer months.

Stack-away doors installed at the front of the lapa for easy
access to the outdoor space

Stunning views out to sea from the new thatch lapa

The thatched roof has been finished with our thatching teams outstanding quality - the design of the roof includes scalloped edges in the thatch which emphasise the rustic and creative theme of the space. High quality Cape Reed was used to thatch the roof which allows for clean and neat edges and angles in the finishing of the thatch.

Scalloped edges of the thatch - stunning curved
design and finish

Neat internal finishes on the thatched roof

A built in fire place and braai area has been constructed in the back wall of the lapa where a combustion fire place has been installed. The chimney for the fireplace is built through the thatch which requires specialist building and fire protection to prevent heat transference or potential fire damage.

Brick chimney installed into the thatch
roof with specialist flashing and fire protection

Are you looking to build a lapa or entertainment area? Share you ideas with us or get in touch for a quotation (Cintsa Thatching is based in the Eastern Cape of South Africa).

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