Thatch Lapa, Braai & Outdoor Entertainment Area Designs

It's that time of year when the sun's setting a little later every evening, each day gets a little warmer and we're all looking forward to getting back into our gardens and entertaining our friends; the perfect time to start thinking about the design of a new thatch lapa and outdoor entertainment area to see us through those hot summer days! We've put together a collection of designs and ideas to help you along the way...

A thatch lapa can be pretty much anything you want it to be...the only restriction is your imagination (and maybe the amount of space you have!).

Open thatch lapas
An open thatch lapa uses pole or tree trunk supports and is "open" at all sides letting the sun in but still providing much needed shade.

Small open lapa - rectangular shape
with shaped thatch at front
Small open lapa at end of deck
Small open lapa with curved thatch
at front and back
Small open lapa by pool with
pool area fenced 
Large open lapa- rectangular with
dropping corners & curved thatch
Large open lapa with shaped thatch
at entrance and layered thatch effect
Simple open lapa - rectangular with
pole support
Large open lapa - rectangular with
tree support & scalloped thatch

Closed Thatch Lapa
A closed thatch lapa is walled in at all sides.

Closed rectangular lapa 

Closed rectangular lapa with curved
thatch at entrance
Large closed lapa with canvas
panels at entrance
Large closed lapa with canvas
panels and shaped thatch
Closed lapa at garden boundry
with creatively shaped thatch
Closed lapa with internal braai
& chimney

Semi-closed lapas
Many people choose a semi-closed lapa which provides the privacy of a partition wall as well as having at least one side open to the sun. These lapas also fit well into boundary or garden walls so the space in your garden can be utilised well in creating an outdoor entertainment area.

Semi-open lapa with entrance area
by pool

Semi-open lapa attached to house
Semi-open lapa design
attached to house
Semi-open lapa with braai
& raised deck
Semi-open thatch lapa at entrance
to guest house
Semi-open lapa design with
built in braai & chimney
Small, thin, straight lapa using
boundary wall as back of lapa
Large thatch lapa with interesting
shaping and built in braai & chimney
Lapa running around house wall
by pool area
Lapa following shape of house
wall by pool area

Semi-open lapa design with pole
supports by pool area
Large lapa at raised level with
windows and "drop walls"
in thatch
Large lapa with creative shape in
front of thatch and built in braai
plus wooden floor & railing
Round lapa design with tree supports 

Large thatch lapa with back wall
Long, straight lapa with thatch
shaping & pole support
Rectangular thatch lapa at raised
level with wooden railing
Semi-closed lapa using boundary
wall as back
Small lapa using back boundary wall
& creative shaping of thatch on
front side

Semi-closed lapa design with
pole support & thatch shaping

Thatch lapa with boundary wall
Small square lapa at boundary wall
Semi-open lapa design with deck
& thatch shaping

Small square lapa with lath wall
Small lapa with wall surrounding
three sides & entrance opening
Small lapa with back lath wall
Small lapa with boundary &
dividing wall
Small lapa with pole supports & walls
by pool
Semi-open lapa with raised deck
& railing
Semi-open lapa using house wall
as back wall

Additional touches and finishes...
Once the main part of your lapa is designed there are a whole host of additional touches that can be added to really make it your own. From decking and braai's to lath walls, interesting capping techniques and tree supports...give your outdoor entertainment area a bit of character! Here are some ideas:
Include a big braai with chimney
Tile the braai and/or floor of
the entertainment area
Creative shaping in thatch and
layered effect
Tread plate inserted into deck at
the braai
Decking around whole
entertainment area

Tree supports in lapa
Natural finish to thatch top
rather than cement ridging

Semi-open lapa with personal
Lath wall in lapa
Back lath wall and bar built
into lapa

There's tons of ideas to get going with - play around with lapa shapes and sizes, thatch and pole effects and walls. For more info on lapa's visit our website, for advice on lapa design or a quotation call Jonathan on 082 780 5725 or e-mail

Have fun designing you dream outdoor entertainment area!