A Solution to Parapet Wall Drainage on Thatch Roofs

There are a group of houses in a small coastal village that I often work at, all of the houses are built to the exact same design, all of the houses have parapet walls and all of the houses suffer from leaking at the parapet walls. I have been called in almost every year to deal with these problems from one house or another in that same village and I have perfected the solution for this problem.

The problem lies in the connection of the thatch to the parapet wall - many thatch roof designs for parapets do not allow for rain water drainage. This leads to the rain having no clear drainage channel and leads the parapet to hold the water, decreasing the lifespan of the thatch in that area and creating to rotting and leaking problems.

My solution addresses this problem head on - creating a clean, clear drainage channel (or gutter) for the rain water to exit the roof. This system rids the roof of water and allows the required aeration of the thatch in that area, decreasing the amount of time the thatch takes to dry properly.
Original parapet wall/thatch connection

Drainage being fitted to parapet join
Thatch added around drainage

Parapet wall connection completed

Complex parapet wall design
before channel was fitted

Parapet wall join before channel was fitted
Close-up of connection of thatch
to wall in original roof design

Parapet wall with new drainage channel fitted

Close-up of drainage channel around complex parapet wall design
The perfect water drainage channel for a thatch roof:
The perfect parapet wall drainage channel - clean, clear and unblocked to
allow water to drain adequately from thatch roof
For more information regarding water drainage and valley systems for thatch roofs refer to the Thatched Roof Maintenance page on my website. 


  1. This is a brilliant solution for homeowners, who have problems with their thatched roof. With this new drainage channel installed, they wouldn't worry about unnecessary damages caused by rainwater to their roofs. Plus, their houses would look better with this kind of thatched roof installed. Just keep on brushing it regularly to prevent dirt from accumulating to the corners of the roof.

    Rodney Orton

    1. Hi Rodney,

      Thanks for your support - these drainage channels really do wonders for drainage on thatch roofs and you're right, they look neat and tidy whilst doing the job.


  2. This proves that experience is really a great teacher! Drainage on parapet walls, being a common problem on thatch roofs, mainly causes early rotting and leaks. And Rodney is right. This solution you’ve come up with can be of great help to homeowners, who prefer a more natural-looking roof above their head. :)

    -->Darryl Iorio

    1. Hi Darryl,

      Thanks for reading our post and taking the time to comment - using a thatching contractor is so important to prevent unnecessary problems in the future.

      Kind regards,


  3. Remember that when you see even a very small, dark, wet patch on your thatched roof, it only means that there is a leak. Once you notice it, it’s important that you diagnose the problem and fix it as soon as possible to avoid bigger problems in the future. Well, a drainage system is really part of the required maintenance of having a thatched roof. Congrats on doing the job!

    Althea Tumlin

    1. Hi Althea,

      Thanks for reading our blog and sharing your advice. You're right - small problems in thatch, if dealt with early on, can save a lot of headaches and costs later on.

  4. Drainage system is most important part of a house. If your drainage system is not well you can not live in your house with harmony.
    As you mention you are expert in water main installations.


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