2 Interesting Thatch Lapa Designs

A thatch lapa is the perfect excuse to get creative and create your dream outdoor entertainment area. Cintsa Thatching has had over 10 years of experience in building thatch lapa's of all shapes and sizes, to suit all gardens, decks and entertainment areas. The last two lapa's thatched by our team really stood out to us and we wanted to share some of the ideas with you!

"Formal" Thatch Lapa Structure and Shape

This lapa, situated on a deck by a swimming pool in a game lodge, has a beautiful shape and fits in with the shape and structure of the surrounding buildings. 

The lapa has two open sides and is supported by tree
trunks - giving a rustic finish

The back "walls" of the lapa are thatched and the
smooth curved finish is added to create a
modern, smooth shape from the back and side angles

The back "walls" of the lapa are thatched to the ground
bringing shelter from strong winds and also
insulation from noise for the accommodation units
which are close by. The thatch is shaped over the
decking steps
There is space around the inside of the lapa for shelves or
storage units (along the closed sides) but the open
sides allow full access to the pool and view
"Informal" Thatch Lapa Shape

This thatch lapa is situated in a private home in East London.

The thatch is shaped in "scallops" in several layers up
to the top of the lapa. The scallop shape is carried
all the way down to the edge of the thatch.
The lapa has big chunky tree trunk supports giving
it a creative feel and rustic finish.
The lapa stands over a koi pond and a timber bridge
is added over to the entertainment area beneath the lapa. 

The thatch "roof" is curved itself to shadow the curves
in the layering of thatch
These are just two of the stunning thatch lapa designs completed by Cintsa Thatching recently. If you're looking for more ideas visit our website lapa gallery or view an earlier blog Thatch Lapa, Braai and Entertainment Area Designs.

For advice of lapa design and quotations to build and thatch email info@cintsathatching.co.za.