The Best Thatched Roof of the Year!

At the recent congress of the International Thatching Society (ITS) in Cape Town, all the delegates presented an image of their best work to join in with a photo competition and choose the best thatched roof of 2014. Some of the entries were absolutely stunning and we thought we'd share!

Check out some of the best entries which stood out to us...

The thatch "cladding" effect is really popular in some
European countries
This is a thatched Fire Station!

We loved this little lapa with the pointed thatch capping

With rounded corners and thatch cladding this
roof came out beautifully

Another example of thatch cladding with window

The swooping lines and window inserts of this
thatch roof are really breath-taking

The shaping around the windows here is
really accurate and sharp giving a great effect

These are just a few of the great images entered by a whole host of thatchers - we can't show them all so just picked a few of the roofs that really stood out to us! And now for the winners...

The runner up image was thatched by thatchers from the UK - the shaping of the windows, thatch thickness and creative capping with lattice work make this roof really beautiful we think...
The runner-up image by thatchers in the UK

And the winner was a South African thatching company with these stunning spherical roofs and layered thatching...
The winning thatched roof of 2014! Well done SA! :)
Thanks to all the thatching contractors who shared their images at the ITS congress - it's amazing to see the styles and techniques of thatchers internationally. Can't wait to see next years entries!


  1. Hey, This vid is around the same as Thatched roof is constructed in Japan.Thatch in England is miscanthus? We took it naturally grown around riverside.The blade to cut thatch properly is different we use single and large blade sword.Recently it is hard to take enough thatch to cover roof and it gets expensive.Thatched roof's foundation is made solid and easy to turn into tiled.Thanks you so much............

  2. Hi there,

    Thanks for reading our blog and taking the time to comment. It is interesting to hear that thatch supply is short for you. The thatch price in South Africa has also risen due to petrol prices increasing - good thatch grass and reed only grows in particular areas in the country - but supply has not been short.

    Please keep reading!

    Kind regards

  3. Some of the entries were absolutely stunning and we thought we'd share!

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