A Newly Converted Thatch to Onduvilla Roof in Port Elizabeth

Thatch roof before the conversion
The new onduvilla tiled roof after the conversion

We pride ourselves on doing a good job - on using top quality materials, trained staff who work hard and almost 15 years of experience in roofing to guide decisions and build sound, solid roofs, but our job is made easier when we work with clients such as the family we recently worked with in Port Elizabeth. 

We were hired to convert their old thatched roof which was fraught with problems, to an onduvilla tile roof. The original roof structure was to be kept in tact and a thatch ceiling to be installed, keeping the look of the thatch from the inside of the house.

The family farm is situated in the suburbs of the windy city - Port Elizabeth and, contrary to our advice, they decided to stay in the house whilst renovations were being carried out. With such a large job the house tends to be in total upheaval. Taking into consideration that the family were living in the house, our team worked on the roof in sections so that there was always a covered place to reside during the roof conversion. Although not an absolute picnic, both our labour team and the clients worked well together - respecting each others roles and space.

Working on the roof in sections so that the
family could live in relative comfort while work
was being carried out

The resulting roof is absolutely stunning - this is the first roof that we have completed in the shaded brown colour onduvilla tile and the end result is a very similar look to thatch. 

The completed roof with thatch lapa in front of the house - the
onduvilla tile in shaded brown has a very similar look
to thatch

The thatch ceiling inside the house  - keeps the
original look of thatch without the associated
niggles such as dust

The Saunders family are extremely happy with their new roof which has given their house a whole new lease of life. They took the time to write us a referral:

"We finally did it! We converted our thatch to a tile roof using a product called onduvilla.

No dust, leaks, no more wind chill. Living in the windy City of Port Elizabeth we have serious wind previously gusting through the thatch (absolutely freezing in winter) we were forever living in fear of bush fires and lightning storms. Maintenance on the forever decaying Thatch is now a thing of the past.

Jonathan’s crew have an amazing work ethic, we have tackled major renovations in the past but nothing on this scale and their workmanship is inspiring, clean, neat and steady.

Thank you for giving us a new home."

Colin & Helen Saunders