Jonathan Bosazza - Certified ITC Roof Erector

The passion of Jonathan Bosazza for perfection in all aspects of work is contagious. Over the past 3  years this has led to a diversification of products offered by Cintsa Thatching & Roofing. Last year we wrote a series of blogs about converting thatch roofs to Onduline and Onduvilla tiles which offers a great solution to property owners who would like to move away from thatch but want to keep the aesthetics of their original thatch roof. Since 2012 Jonathan and the team have also been working on the construction and maintenance of tiled roofs built with manufactured trusses.

Jonathan has been working under the mentor-ship of Leon Ferreira of the Institute for Timber Construction (ITC) to become a certified roof erector. The ITC is the regulating body for the engineered timber construction industry and works in accordance with SANS 10400 building regulations. The certification is a rigorous process which requires both academic and practical knowledge and experience. It involves an assessor visiting roofing sites to grade the complexity of the roof, inspect the construction of the trusses and application of the tiles, hips and ridges. Each roof that is signed off by the inspector is added to a log book and supports the application. In March 2016 Jonathan completed the course and is now proudly a Certified Roof Erector of Category A Roofs.

Why is it so important to Jonathan that he become certified?
1. The qualification can only be completed by those with the skill, knowledge and experience to build solid, quality roofs - it sets the industry standard and supports those who provide clients with the best quality structure.
2. All of our roofs are inspected by the ITC who also issue a compliance certificate - ensuring safe, long lasting structures.

Bosazza Roofing is launched

Our roofing division is trading as Bosazza Roofing and now offer the following products and services in:
  • Trussed Roofs with tiles or roof sheeting
  • Thatch roof conversions
  • Waterproofing

Get in touch with us by calling our office in Chintsa 043 738 5044 or emailing us


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