Why not to buy Thatch Grass (Hyparrhenia Hirta) in the Summer...

As thatch suppliers, we have received several calls in the past few days from customers requesting sales of thatch grass (Hyparrhenia Hirta) rather than the more sturdy thatch reed that we sell all year round.  The advice that we have passed on to all is to WAIT...

Hyparrhenia should never be harvested before the second frosts of winter (which generally fall in May in South Africa). The frosts cure the grass. If it is harvested before it is cured there WILL be unwelcome pests in it and they WILL cause endless troubles in your thatch roof or lapa, the lifespan of the thatch will be greatly reduced and eventually the entire thing will be eaten away while you sit amongst a couple of upright, empty poles (ok…maybe it won’t be quite so dramatic but it won’t be nice). If you come across a thatch supplier selling thatch grass so early in the winter season, no matter how good-a-deal it is, be dubious. Unless the supplier can guarantee that the thatch was cut in the previous season after the second frosts, do not buy it. If you do thatch during this season Cape Reed is easily accessible and being a heavier thatch is much more sturdy (and available all year round!).

Our website runs through the basic specifications and things to look out for when buying either Cape Reed and Hyparrhenia but feel free to get in touch with any questions unanswered!


  1. Nice one you guys. Sure there are many folk who will find this blog so useful, like us for example! Look forward to more.

  2. Hi Gill! Thanks for your comment - feels good to have finally joined the blogging world :)

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    Good day I have a farm with thatching grass. How much do you need and what is the price to sell per bundle 0713344556


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